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14-year-old arrested at Bentonville High School for bringing gun to school

The student was arrested Thursday morning by resource officers on-campus.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — A 14-year-old was arrested at Bentonville High School Thursday (Feb. 4) morning after allegedly bringing a gun to campus. School officials and police credit another student for alerting them about the situation. 

According to Bentonville Police, at approximately 9:30 a.m., school resource officers (SRO’s) arrested the student. 

Police say another student reported that the arrested student might have had a firearm. 

The student with the gun was quickly located by SRO’s, and a 9MM handgun was recovered from his person without incident. 

According to police, the student arrested made no threats of violence against other students or staff at Bentonville High School. 

Bentonville Schools Superintendent Dr. Debbie Jones sent an alert out to parents right away explaining the situation. 

In the alert, Jones asked parents to speak with their students about the importance of speaking up if they see something wrong on campus. 

“This incident is alarming to me and I know it is to you as well,” Jones said in the release. “Please talk with your student about the importance of speaking up as our student did today.”

The identity of the student has not been released. 

Jones says the student arrested will be expelled from school for one year. 

Bentonville Schools has a See Something, Say Something Hotline (479-367-8080) where students and parents can report concerns about on-campus security concerns. 

Bentonville Police and Bentonville High School officials will continue to investigate the situation. 

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