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A rural Jefferson County castle is on its way to completion | Local News

Watertown Castle

Owens and Elliott look out over the countryside from one of the eight outdoor decks on a home that resembles a castle.

The Rozniks, in 1997, had purchased 200 acres of farmland but didn’t begin construction until 2008. There were stops and starts on the project, meetings with the county over zoning and a legal appeal that ultimately led to restarting construction.

“It is stunning how well things worked out. It flowed really well and the rooms are what I wanted,” Dale Roznik told Sharp. “We didn’t have any particular castle in mind. We would just take ideas for things like doors (from other castles) that you could match and it’s somewhat practical in terms of the sizes of the towers.”

Watertown Castle

Dianne Owens approaches the 6-foot-wide front entrance of her home in rural Jefferson County. The house, designed like a castle, also has an elevator, five furnaces and five air conditioning units.

But in January 2011, with the house incomplete, Roznik died at age 57 “trying so hard to make the world better, trying to get a lifetime of memories with his family and friends, to see his dreams with Terri fulfilled,” according to his obituary.

Some work went on in the house after Roznik’s death to make it marketable, but it sat empty for the next nine years.

Now it’s in a near-constant state of construction.

Love at first sight

Owens, 54, grew up in Burlington and since 1997 has had her own graphic design company where she creates logos, brochures and direct-mail pieces for corporations, non-profits and political organizations.

Elliott, 56, is a Madison East High School graduate who spent time working at restaurants and as a lineman and splicer for a telecommunication company but has been with the village of Maple Bluff for the past eight years.

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