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Cards pour in from across the globe for Saginaw woman’s 105th birthday | News

It started as a simple request to help celebrate a Saginaw woman’s 105th birthday, but quickly spread online.

Now the responses keep coming and the organizers have received more than 350 cards from all over the world.

“I am just totally overwhelmed at the response. It has been great,” said Mary McDonald.

Vonnie Scott and McDonald are on a mischievous mission, collecting birthday cards for their Aunt Eva. She’s turning 105 on Feb. 8. Their initial goal was to collect 105 cards but the ask exploded with positive responses. Now, more than 350 cards have been received for a woman who does not like the spotlight.

“I think she’ll be excited for a moment, but she’ll probably tell us get this over with and move on. She doesn’t relish a lot of attention,” McDonald said.

Cards and gifts for Aunt Eva come in the mail every day. They come from all over Michigan and the country. People have sent cards from New Mexico, Tennessee, Missouri and even Germany.

“Every day that the lord allows any of us to live is a day to be celebrated, especially if you been able to reach the age of 105,” Scott said.

Calls from church congregations are coming too and even floral gifts being delivered as the big day approaches.

The family’s gratitude is as high as the continually growing pile of cards. Scott is putting them on posters for eventual display in her Aunt Eva’s room.

The thoughtfulness and care they represent are greatly appreciated, especially the pictures drawn by children and cards carefully made by hand.

“I wanted to have her recognized just because I personally, as her great niece, am thankful for having her in my life. She’s been a major influence in my life,” Scott said. “Everyone has just been so nice and you know, thoughtful.”

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