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Cindy McCain on why Biden won Arizona: ‘People were looking for something else’

Cindy McCain told NBC News that Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump in traditionally conservative Arizona shows that “people were looking for something else” from a president.

“They were looking for civility, they were looking for empathy, compassion, a leader that would listen to them and care about them, and care about the issues that were important,” McCain told NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard after the network projected Thursday that Biden had flipped the state blue.

The wife of late Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was the Republican nominee for president in 2008, said she feels Republicans have lost their way in recent years. 

“I think our party, although I don’t think any of our party is misguided or bad — don’t ever suggest that, because I don’t — I do believe that perhaps, in some ways, we’ve lost our way. And we’ve lost our way in that we’re not always putting country first, and instead, perhaps parties, is the issue at hand. And that certainly is the case with the president, right now,” said McCain, who endorsed Biden in September. 

She said she hoped her endorsement made “a difference” in the state, where her late husband is still enormously popular. “I hope, if nothing more, I encouraged women, especially Republican women, to step outside their comfort zone and vote for a Democrat for the reasons that I just specified. I hope that’s what happened,” McCain said. 

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