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City of Milwaukee highlights progress of largest solar group buy program to date

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Milwaukee continues to make progress generating more solar power.

Thursday, Nov. 11, the city highlighted the largest solar group buy program to date.

The group buy program is part of Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee. 

It helps people and organizations invest in solar power by taking advantage of bulk purchasing of solar panels while also educating them on the benefits of solar energy. 

However, it’s just one part of a long-term plan to make the city more sustainable and equitable.

“This is just one element of our plan to address climate change and equity,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. “The city is taking energy on energy efficiency, electric vehicles, green infrastructure and solar energy to prepare us for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.”

So far, the city of Milwaukee has more than nine megawatts of installed solar power.

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