Classified Docs Often Contain 'Life Or Death' Intel. Trump Can't Just 'Wish It Away': Rep. Crow:

Representative Jason Crow (D-CO) joins Andrea Mitchell with his reaction to former President Donald Trump’s remarks on Fox News that U.S. presidents can declassify documents just by thinking about it. “Nobody gets to just think in their mind that the deepest secrets, our national security secrets, secrets that might mean life or death for our CIA officers, for our informants, for the people that are developing intelligence networks overseas, for our policymakers, for our troops that are serving right now as we’re having this discussion. Information intelligence that is life and death for them. People don’t just get to wish it away and declassify it,” says Crow. “In the United States of America, we have no kings, we have no queens, we have elected representatives. And he needs to be held accountable.” 
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