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Columbus woman offered plea bargain in murder-for-hire plot

MADISON (WKOW) – A plea agreement has been reached in the case of a Columbus woman accused of trying to hire a hitman with Bitcoin online.

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Kelly Harper, 37, previously plead not guilty to attempting to hire a hitman online, but is expected to take responsibility at a hearing next week as part of a plea agreement.

Harper allegedly provided the targeted victim’s name, a detailed description, vehicle, workplace and phone number.

According to the Department of Justice, three journalists investigating the murder-for-hire site Harper was using uncovered her attempt at hiring a hitman.

Through the plea bargain, which Harper signed June 9, she will be in prison for 72 months, just over half of the 10-year maximum sentence for her charges. She will be interred at a facility near her family, although the plea bargain did not specify which one.

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