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Couple shot at with BB gun outside theater

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – A Bellevue man and his wife say they want answers after they were shot at with b-b guns Sunday night.

The couple said they were walking along an AMC theater sidewalk after a movie when a car suddenly appeared, and the next thing they knew, BBS was coming right at them.

It started just like any other night; Lee Aker and his wife were stepping out of an AMC theater in Bellevue after a late-night movie.

“We came around these columns, and I kind of looked around, and then we started walking this way,” Lee said.

But, after only a few steps, lee heard something odd.

“I heard what I thought was just trash being run over,” Lees said.

Seconds later, Lee realized the noise was something else.

“I turned around, and my wife was walking sideways, holding her face and saying, I got hit, and she said it was a pellet gun or BB gun or something,” Lee said.

Lee instantly saw the shots were coming from a Nissan Altima speeding off.

“I saw them come over here to the stop sign, take a right, and then they drove back behind the theater,” Lees said.

The Pellets left welts that are now red marks on Lee’s wife, Jessica.

“It hit her in the cheekbone, and one hit her in the arm.”

Jessica reported what happened to metro police, but Lee said they couldn’t get a license plate number or a look at who was inside the car.

“Obviously, it’s scary because as a husband, I wasn’t behind her. If it would have been a real situation, I just can’t imagine what would have happened, and I don’t want to think that way,” Lees said.

For Lee and Jessica, now late-night movies are out of the question until they get answers.

After at least three reports of people being shot at with rubber bullets and BB guns in the last few months, News4 asked metro police what is being done to stop this, but they say they do not see an increase in these incidents.

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