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Crews recover body from Lake Lochmere in Cary; witnesses say several tried to help him ::

— After searching Lake Lochmere, located between Kildaire Farm Road and Southeast Cary Parkway, crews found the body of a man on Wednesday morning.

Multiple emergency crews, including firefighters and police officers, responded to the boat ramp at 475 Lochmere Drive before 10 a.m.

A spokesperson from the Town of Cary said a witness reported seeing a man go into the lake around 9:30 a.m.

WRAL’s Amanda Lamb talked to a woman who witnessed the scene and called 911. The woman had been driving on Lochemere Drive, when she noticed a man stop his pick-up truck and run down towards the lake. He had reportedly seen another woman also rushing towards the lake.

Several people worked to pull a man from the cold waters of the lake.

Worried about hypothermia – for both the victim and the man who jumped in after him – witnesses called 911.

However, while they were waiting for an ambulance, witnesses said the man jumped back into the lake, swam out into the middle, put his hands up in the air, and sank.

Another witness said he was driving his girlfriend to work when he saw a frantic woman rushing towards the lake. He rushed over to help multiple other drivers, who were working to rescue a man who seemed to have slipped in the water.

He said the man appeared to be in his 60s. While waiting for the ambulance, the man was then sitting on the edge of the dock with at least one of the other people who had gone into the water to help him.

“He sat down. He grabbed his head. He started thinking, and he started backing up.  He got up and said, ‘Y’all take care of him, don’t worry about me,'” described the witness.

“He threw himself face first into the water. He didn’t turn his head for one breath. He swam about 5 or 7 feet and sunk straight down,” said the witness.

Officials confirmed that around an hour later crews recovered a body from the lake.


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