Dallas ISD students send handwritten cards to students and teachers at Robb Elementary

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – What happened in Uvalde last week is Community members remember victims of Uvalde school shooting after funeral services of so many teachers and students. Many are left wondering what can I do to show kindness and comfort during this difficult time? 

A student at Edna Rowe Elementary poses with a handmade card.


Veronica Green runs the “Affirmation Club” at Dallas ISD’s Edna Rowe Elementary, which teaches students leadership skills that promote positivity, productivity and gratitude.

Last week, she came up with the idea to send handwritten cards to students and teachers at Robb Elementary, where the tragedy occurred.  

“Being an educator myself, I put myself in their place,” Green said. “I just.. it just touched me so much. I wanted to do something immediately. I prayed about it and thought, what can I do?”

A student at Edna Rowe Elementary looks at a handmade card.


On Wednesday, students like 4th grader Eva Salazar wrote heartfelt messages.  

“Right here it says “You are kind,” she said. “You are amazing. You are the best.” I think they’ll be pretty shocked by what I did and what everybody else did. I just wanted to show that I care for the people who have died.” 

“It’s sad how they got shot so I wanted to put rainbow colors,” 5th grader Miguel Gomez said. “I wanted to do rainbows because I like rainbows.” 

Green plans to mail the cards first thing Thursday morning. 

“This process is helping me to be strong,” Green said. “Whether it’s Uvalde or another campus or another person, we’ll just let them know that we are here for you and we’re going to continue to give and serve. Never ending.”