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Decatur woman who attacked stranger gets arrested, police report | Public Safety

DECATUR — Police report the arrest of a Decatur woman who attacked a driver outside of a restaurant after accusing the person of “raping” her son.

A sworn affidavit from Decatur police said the incident happened on the evening of Aug. 17 in the 1600 block of East Eldorado Street.

Officer Timothy Wisniewski, who signed the affidavit, said a 39-year-old female driver pulled up outside to pick up her daughter from work when she was accosted by the suspect, aged 31.

“(The driver) stated (the suspect) began yelling at her claiming her son was in the vehicle and that (the driver) was ‘raping’ her child,” Wisniewski added.

The driver said the woman opened the car door and struck her in the face while continuing to scream at her and then made attempts to grab her face.

“(The driver) stated she got out of the vehicle and pushed the woman to the ground,” Wisniewski said. “She advised the woman was a complete stranger.”

The driver stated her daughter and another employee ran out of the business and helped corral the woman until police arrived.

Witnesses inside the restaurant were described as confirming the driver’s version of events. The woman was booked on preliminary charges of vehicular invasion and aggravated battery and a check of Macon County Jail records Monday showed she remained in custody in lieu of bail set at $50,000, meaning she must post a bond of $5,000 to be released.

All preliminary charges are subject to review by the state’s attorney’s office.

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