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Family says police believe TikTok challenge may have led to death of 10-year-old boy | News

FLOYD County, Ga. (CBS46) — Family members of 10-year-old Robert Craig said TikTok was one of his favorite apps and now, it may be the reason he was found dead in their front yard.

Robert’s 12-year-old sister Madison said he would climb trees with his sister all the time.

She said it was something they loved to do together.

Madison said Robert loved nature, the rain, camp fires, playing with dirt and he had a lot of joy in his life.

Family members said Robert was born with only one eye and that even though he was bullied at school about it, Robert still saw the good in others.

However, last week Madison said she was devastated when she found her brother Robert in the front yard with his tablet, that he usually uses to make TikTok videos.

“I walked outside, I saw his tablet and I saw him hanging from the tree. I ran over and got him down. I called 911 and tried to do CPR on him,” Madison said.

Robert died at the hospital shortly after.

Floyd County Police Department told CBS46 in part that that they are still investigating the circumstances in this case.

However, Roberts family told CBS46 that investigators have already told them that the manner of death was not suicide.

“The said they don’t believe it was a suicide because he was a happy child and after looking at his TikTok it could have been a TikTok challenge,” Madison said.

Family members said that investigators also said that after viewing Robert’s tablet, they believe Robert may have been trying to actually film another video for TikTok moments before he was discovered by his sister.

Earlier this year several media outlets reported on the, “blackout challenge” on TikTok, that involved kids tying ropes to their neck to see how long they could hold their breath.  

Many people have since been asking TikTok to add more parental features on the app.

Robert’s family just hopes that parents ensure other young TikTokers like Robert, don’t try the “blackout challenge,” at home.

“Grandmothers, grandfathers hold your kids tight,” Madison said.

Robert’s family also told CBS46 they are now pleading with the Floyd County Police Department to temporarily release his mother this Saturday from custody, so that she can say her final goodbyes to her son Robert.

 CBS46 reached out to TikTok for a statement on this incident and they have not provided an official response yet.

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