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Frank Luntz: Pollsters ‘have never been as wrong’ as they were in 2020 election

The polling industry and the mainstream media has “never been as wrong as it was” in the 2020 presidential election, pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Thursday.

“The Washington Post got Wisconsin wrong by sixteen points,” Luntz told host Bill Hemmer. “CNN, your competitive network, declared last weekend that Joe Biden was going to win by 12 points. It looks like he’ll get about a 3.5% advantage over Donald Trump when all of the votes are counted.”

“They should’ve known better because they got it wrong four years ago,” Luntz said.

On Oct. 22, with post polls indicating a comfortable victory for Biden, Luntz tweeted: “If pollsters get it wrong again, then the polling industry is done. You can get it wrong once. But if they get it wrong a second time and Trump does win, it’s going to be the end of public polling in politics.”


Even though Trump might still lose the presidency, there was no “blue wave,” no overwhelming anti-Trump surge of results favoring Democrats.

“The media were wrong because it was a mixture of wishful thinking and propaganda designed to influence the result. The people they most influenced were themselves and their leftist allies,” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News. 

Gainor said the mainstream media spent four years “pretending they were neutral” while “spouting lies” about Trump — even calling him an agent for Russia. 

“The press promoted polls they told us were absolutely showing Trump and the GOP were going to get destroyed,” Gainor continued. “Yet, here we are with a close election once more. Polling and especially ‘news’ based on it is like looking in a crystal ball, in a dark room, at night while wearing a blindfold.”

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain took notice and said nobody will believe pundits going forward. 

“The big loser tonight are the pollsters and most of the media who no one will ever believe anymore,” McCain tweeted


Luntz explained the discrepancy by telling Hemmer that Trump voters “do not like participating in surveys.”

“They think that the information is going to be used against them, they think it is all part of the swamp, they think that it is part of CNN or the New York Times,” Luntz said.

“The only time that they’ll participate is if they know that they are having an impact [and] hey know that the people of Washington are actually listening to them rather than ignoring them or forgetting them,” he added. “So it is really hard to do accurate polling if you got a segment of the population that simply refuses to participate. But, good for them. They have the right to know that they are being heard and that’s one of the reasons why they’re voting for Donald Trump.”

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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