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Franklin County burglar caught on camera stealing while victims slept nearby

FRANKLIN COUNTY (KMOV) – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an overnight burglary at a business on Highway MM in Gray Summit. Jamie and Gina McDaniel own the business, a machine shop, and are living there temporarily while a new house is under construction.

The McDaniels were sleeping inside a camping trailer that was parked inside the building when the burglar broke in at 12:36 a.m.

“It’s chilling to think somebody was inside your home,” said Jamie McDaniel.

Surveillance cameras recorded the burglar as he walked around for approximately 9 minutes, looking for things to steal. From the surveillance video, it’s clear he walked by just a few feet from where the McDaniels were sleeping.

“I’m still shaking. Pretty invading you know, to know that someone was all over my home while I was just sleeping right there,” said Gina McDaniel.

The McDaniels believe the burglar got in through a doggie door. And he might have stayed longer and stolen more items, but the family’s Corgi, named Bubbles, started barking and frightened him off. The couple’s daughter was sleeping upstairs at the time with the dog.

“She was just barking, a deep growl,” said Hanna McDaniel.

The thief stole a bag of tools from McDaniels’ place and a Jeep from a neighbor. It’s believed that the thief checked out several other homes but it’s unclear if he stole other items.

The McDaniels are hoping someone will be able to recognize the man from the surveillance video and will notify authorities.

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