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Gallatin couple wants unused railroad track gone to prevent vehicle damage

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WSMV) – A couple in one Gallatin neighborhood said portions of a railroad track are troublesome for drivers in that area. So they’re calling on the track owners to do something about it.

Charlotte and Richard Cushing cross the railroad tracks at the very busy intersection of Newton Lane and Steamplant Road every other day. They said the railroad track isn’t used anymore, and it needs to go.

“It is in very bad shape,” Charlotte Cushing said. “If you hit it too fast, you can probably bust it or bend up a wheel, and it needs to be repaired,” she added.

The railroad tracks with cracks and holes are just a few miles from the TVA steam plant in Gallatin. The city said the tracks belong to the Tennessee Valley Authority.

“They’re big holes there. It’s really getting bad to cross it in your car,” Charlotte said.

“I get down to just barely a creep, and you’ll bounce,” Richard Cushing said. “Just like the old potholes, except it’s got railroad tracks to add to it.”

The couple said going through the intersection is the shortest route out from their house. The condition of the tracks even led Charlotte Cushing to try to find the owners of the track.

“I’ve tried. I contacted CSX three times. They don’t own the track. They can’t fix it. I contacted the Sumner County highway department, they don’t own the track, and they can’t fix it,” Charlotte Cushing said. “And I’ve called numerous times to TVA. All you get is a recording. I have left several messages.”

“I, you drive down towards the steam plant, you’ll see because the tracks go pretty well close to the road all the way down,” Richard Cushing said. “And you’ll see sections where they’ve taken it [railroad tracks] out and finished that off where it’s placed, so they have to go across.”

The Cushings said they cross the TVA tracks when they go into town. Luckily they haven’t damaged a tire wheel, but they don’t want to see it happen to anyone. So, they want action.

“I’d be happy to just get the tracks out and pave it, so it’s smooth up there because I think I told you earlier I’m concerned over somebody going through there that doesn’t know the area,” Charlotte Cushing said. “If they hit that going at a faster speed than most people, I think it could cause a serious accident there.”

“The fact that they changed the angle of the road a little it wouldn’t hurt,” Richard Cushing said.

News 4 reached out to the TVA and is waiting to hear back if anything can be done about the railroad tracks.

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