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Graham announces $500G donation to Trump campaign legal efforts, calls Philly elections ‘crooked as a snake’

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told “Hannity” Thursday he will donate $500,000 to the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to challenge election procedures in multiple states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada.

“I’m here tonight to stand with President Trump,” Graham told host Sean Hannity. “He stood with me, he’s the reason we’re going to have a Senate majority … He helped Senate Republicans. We’re going to pick up House seats because of the campaign that President Trump won.”

Discussing the ongoing ballot counting in Philadelphia that has shrunk the president’s lead over Democrat Joe Biden, Graham described elections in the City of Brotherly Love as being “crooked as a snake.”

Earlier Thursday, one Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker called on Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, the cabinet official who oversees elections, to resign, saying that she had “failed to deploy even the minimum safeguards to secure [Pennsylvania’s] election.”

State Sen. Doug Mastriano compared the Pennsylvania election process to one he observed as a U.S. Army officer in Afghanistan.

“ISAF [International Security Assistance Force]¬†provided oversight and security to Afghan elections — a country that had never witnessed an honest election … the elections that we oversaw were safe and fair,” Mastriano wrote.


“I wish I could say the same for the elections in Pennsylvania during your time as secretary,” the retired colonel continued in part.

Graham also had harsh words on “Hannity” for public pollsters who predicted he and some of his Republican colleagues would face close races or lose their seats.

“Mainstream media polling is designed to suppress Republican votes,” he said. “I won by 11, Susan [Collins] won by seven or eight [in Maine] and Mitch [McConnell] won by 21 [in Kentucky]. It’s a game they play to depress the Republican vote.”

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