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Group offers October tours of historic Detroit cemeteries

DETROIT – Just in time for the haunting month: Detroit cemetery tours.

After a year off because of COVID-19, Preservation Detroit is offering afternoon walking tours of the art and architecture found in the city’s final resting places.

The cemeteries are the last stops for many historic figures and celebrities, such as Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin, and Bernhard Stroh. Elmwood Cemetery has veterans of every war since the Revolutionary War.

The tours started Saturday with Mt. Elliott Cemetery. On the next four Saturdays, tours will be conducted at Elmwood, Mt. Elliott again, Mt. Olivet and Woodlawn.

The cost is $20 for Preservation Detroit members and $25 for others. Money raised from the tours goes to Preservation Detroit’s efforts to preserve the city’s history.

For more information, click here.

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