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Gulf Shores City School System suing for county tax revenue | Baldwin County Alabama News

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) — The Gulf Shores City School System says it wants a share of county tax money.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Akin said the system filed a lawsuit to change the way sales tax money is distributed between county public schools and city systems. Akin said right now, Gulf Shores gets none of the tax money, despite businesses in the city contributing 15 percent of the countywide sales tax revenue.

Akin wrote, “The tax provides approximately $25 million to support county schools, yet children in Gulf Shores receive zero. We feel strongly state law and basic fairness require that a portion of that money should benefit our schools and our children. Today, we get zero!”

Baldwin County Public Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler replied, writing, “For nearly two years, Baldwin County Public Schools negotiated with the city of Gulf Shores where both parties agreed to a very detailed separation agreement. How is Gulf Shores not getting their ‘fair share’ if the settlement we have today is the one they negotiated and agreed to in writing?

“Of course, they are getting their fair share. We have kept our word on each of our obligations and even today, we are still paying for expenses on behalf of Gulf Shores City Schools as a part of that agreement. For Gulf Shores to come back two years later and sue for additional revenue, to the detriment of Baldwin County students, is very disappointing.”

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