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Hartland man killed after cannon explodes at baby shower | News

The man who died in an explosion at a baby shower in Genesee County on Feb. 6 has been identified.

People were gathered for a baby shower in Gaines Township when the homeowner fired a small cannon-type device.

The man has been identified as 26-year-old Evan Thomas Silva from Hartland. The 26-year-old had serious injuries and was rushed to Hurley Medical Center where he later died.

Troopers said the cannon blew up causing metal shrapnel to hit three parked cars, the garage where the baby shower was being held and Silva, who was standing nearby.

According to MSP, the cannon that was fired was purchased by the homeowner at an auction. The cannon had been fired by the homeowner several times before Feb. 6.

According to MSP, it is suspected the cannon gun powder in the device and caused the cannon to fracture.

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