Henry County firefighters can breathe easier with new SCBA equipment | News

McDONOUGH — Henry County’s heroes who run into burning buildings to save lives will soon have better equipment to ensure they come home to their families at the end of shift.

The Henry County Fire Department has been approved to purchase 70 new Air-Pak X3 PRO Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Systems, which department officials said are “are an essential part of firefighting and firefighter safety.”

The new equipment, according to Municipal Emergency Services, focuses on “enhancing cleanability, comfort and connectivity to ensure security and comfort.”

Additional features include wireless communication to help improve accountability and communications and redundant safety features.

The $630,050 purchase will be paid for using capital improvement funds from Municipal Emergency Services.

The HCFD responded to a total of 674 fires in 2021. Of those, 242 were structure fires, 135 vehicles fires and 297 other fire responses.

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