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Hospital workers win $6 million in lottery on Halloween

A group of hospital workers in British Columbia woke up to a $6 million surprise on Halloween.

Heewon Choi, Melanie Nolan and two other unidentified workers at Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia, bought British Columbia Lottery tickets together for a year before finally winning the jackpot on Oct. 31, the lottery company said in a statement.

The group of four often used birthday and anniversary dates to choose their numbers, according to the company.

When Choi, the “team captain,” scanned the ticket she bought from a convenience store, she said she was in disbelief.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Choi told BCL Corporation. “I immediately showed it to Melanie who sits right next to me.”

Nolan initially believed it was $6,000, but eventually realized that the prize had three more zero’s.

Choi said when she broke the news to her other co-workers, they thought it was a “joke.”

As for celebration plans, the four friends said they planned to eat a lavish meal together.

Nolan said she also plans to donate some of the money to the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, in addition to potentially going back to school.

“I feel like I’m in a dream,” Choi said.

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