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How Has the Pandemic Reshaped Your Values?

For nearly everyone, the coronavirus pandemic has been a seismic, transformative event, like the death of a parent, the birth of a child or a difficult diagnosis. Our lives now have a clear “before” and a clear “after.” This past year has pushed us to reckon with our deepest questions, about how we live, how we suffer and how we make meaning of our time on this earth.

We are looking to talk with you about how the pandemic, and related personal loss, has reshaped your most deeply held values, and how you live them. How have you wrestled your way through this transformation?

Maybe a personal transformation happened as a result of the decision to care for an aging parent in your home. Perhaps you have lost old rituals, and have experienced spiritual change. Maybe you are rethinking your life as it relates to nature, family or work, and what has been lost or what has been gained. It may be something simple or all-encompassing.

We may follow up with you to hear more about your story. We won’t publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.

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