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Jetskier rescues people stuck in Waverly due to deadly flooding | News

WAVERLY, TN (WSMV) – News 4 talked with two brothers who went around on their jetski grabbing anyone they could and rescuing them from the deadly flooding in Humphreys County.

Recovery efforts are underway after and it including people helping using a jet ski. Brian Bohanon borrowed the jetski from his brother Mark and they just took off. 

“We didn’t think twice. God gave us a gift and we were raised to support others. And it was that time,” Mark Bohanon said. “We were in the right place at the right time. I feel the good lord put us in that spot.” 

Brian Bohanon said the water was swift and dangerous. But he said they tried to get as many people as he could after receiving a frantic call from an trapped aunt.

They said their instincts kicked in and didn’t even think twice to take the opportunity to rescue others. Between the two of them the rescued 15 people.

“We think more about what we could of done and very fortunate and glad for the opportunity,” Brian Bohanon said. “But it really pales in comparison with what is left to do now. It’s really just starting.”

Below is the full interview with the Bohanon brothers. 

Recovery efforts are underway after deadly flooding in Humphreys County and it including people helping using a jet ski.

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