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Joe Arpaio’s former deputy is poised to lose his bid for Maricopa County sheriff.

The former deputy to Joe Arpaio, whose hard-line anti-immigrant positions won him praise from President Trump, appeared headed toward a loss in the race for sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz.

The Democratic incumbent, Sheriff Paul Penzone, declared victory over Mr. Arpaio’s former deputy chief, Jerry Sheridan, in a statement on Friday, The Arizona Republic reported, and led the race by more than ten percentage points.

Mr. Sheridan had not yet conceded as of early Saturday morning. During the campaign, he tried to distance himself from his old boss, who was found guilty of criminal contempt of court in 2017 for defying an order to stop detaining suspected undocumented immigrants.

Mr. Sheridan defeated Mr. Arpaio, who lost his seat in 2016, in this year’s Republican primary. But he also promised to revive some of Mr. Arpaio’s most aggressive practices, and analysts saw the race as another referendum of the former sheriff’s divisive legacy.

In his first term, Sheriff Penzone, while hardly a progressive on immigration issues, has closed an outdoor jail that Mr. Arpaio once called a “concentration camp,” and shut down some of his other programs.

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