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Landslide impacted train service in West Haven on Friday | Connecticut News

WEST HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – Tropical Storm Elsa tested the land near the West Haven train tracks on Friday.

The heavy rain caused land with trees and mud to all slide near the Metro North train tracks.

It interrupted train service in the area.

Landslide in West Haven impacts train service.

West Haven landslide. 

One track had been covered by the landslide, but the debris was cleared by public works crews.

The public works commissioner said they received a call Friday morning about a tree blocking the road and the tracks, but it turned out to be the land slide.

The MTA said traffic was held on that track and pushed to another track after that report came in.

Tropical Storm Elsa tested the land near the West Haven train tracks on Friday.

“If it continues to erode at the rate, it is we are very fearful we will lose at least one side of the track. So, until we get someone from MTA, I am not willing to move the debris from the road in case we make the problem worse,” said Tom McCarthy, West Haven public works commissioner, earlier on Friday.

Once MTA arrived on scene, they started investigating and looking at the tracks.

The train service in West Haven is closed due to a landslide.

MTA did say there were no delays and now they are on normal schedules.

State leaders add it is up to MTA to address the situation after the city cleared the road.

As for West Haven, beaches will be closed due to the water runoff. City officials said there needs to be testing. They are also asking those with water inside the basements to call 203-937-3637.

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