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Little Miss Saginaw Co. creates produce stand to help community | News

Tomatoes, peppers, and all sorts of vegetables are grown in a backyard garden and offered by a local 11-year-old.

“We have a big tomato section. With different tomatoes. Right here we have peppers,” said Kaydence Haney, Little Miss Saginaw County.

Residents driving by 785 West Liberty in Chesaning will see a free produce stand and somewhere close by, its founder Haney.

“I feel like fresh fruits and vegetables should be available to everybody no matter if they can’t get them or if they just need them,” Haney said.

The produce stand is part of Haney’s community outreach, but she’d trade her sash and crown for overalls and a trowel any day.

“And the fact that, an 11-year-old is saying and doing this, I think you know we should fuel her,” said Tara Williams, Kaydence’s mom.

The goal of the stand is to take what you need and give what you can.

“We’ve had a lot of news things on the stand, and we’ve had a lot of things completely just, poof!” Haney said.

There has already been a huge local impact.

“All the neighborhood kids, one day we looked out, they’re all around the stand grabbing stuff and snacking, trying. And I just thought, she doesn’t see that she sees it as her friends come over, but what she didn’t she is that she just got all those kids to want fresh produce,” Williams said.

Haney’s favorite are the cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine of course.

While she’ll continue to do pageants, Haney wants to plant fruit trees around town and start a community garden in the future.

if you would like to donate or pick up produce you can find the stand at 785 west liberty street in Chesaning.

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