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Man walking across country in teddy bear suit, raising money for charity stops in Tulsa – FOX23 News

TULSA, Okla. — A man in a teddy bear costume is walking across the country, and it’s all for a good cause.

Bearsun is walking from California to New York City! He is celebrating his halfway point in Tulsa. So far he’s walked for around 70 days in the 78 pound suit.

He says, “it feels good knowing I made it this far for a cause because a lot of people were doubtful about it.”

He even traveled to Pawhuska and Bartlesville, sleeping in tents and hotel rooms. While some days are hot in this Oklahoma heat, he says it is worth it. “I’ve been getting a lot of personal stories, very personal stories from people when they walk with me… and I get to learn a lot.”

He’s doing this to raise money for five different charities. He asks people to donate to at least one of them, such as Active Minds or the Autism Society for America. His suit also helps bring attention and awareness to the causes.

Bearsun is headed to Missouri next. If you’d like to follow along his journey, the best way is to find him is on TikTok or his Instagram: iambearsun.

If you would like to donate or learn more, visit his website: Bearsun (

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