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Michigan set to receive funds from federal infrastructure bill | News

Michigan will get more than $11 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The money will go toward everything from public transit to improving airports across the state.

“This now provides billions of more dollars to accelerate and increase the speed that we can do that work, the amount of that work we can get done, as well as making sure that we can be more responsive and more par to the state with it,” Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist said.

Gilchrist emphasized the more than seven billion dollars for highway and bridge repair, and the hundred and ten million dollars toward an electric vehicle charging network.

But disbursing the money requires teamwork across the aisle.

“The Michigan legislature can make sure these funds get appropriated quickly, as soon as they’re released by the federal government,” Gilchrist said. “We’re looking forward to working with them on solving a challenge that exists for every person in Michigan, and that is our infrastructure that needs to be modernized.”

Representative Dan Kildee said rural residents will benefit from $100 million to provide internet access to nearly four hundred thousand residents.

“Access to the internet has been a real limitation and we’ve seen this during the pandemic,” Kildee said. “You know, kids trying to do their homework, having to go to the McDonald’s parking lot to use the Wi-Fi. That’s unacceptable.”

More than a billion dollars will help protect the Great Lakes and combat climate change.

“Part of efficiency in the market is producing high quality products. The supply chain affects that,” Kildee said. “When we have obsolete infrastructure, it’s more difficult to get the raw material, and then, once completed, more difficult to deliver those products to market.

The money in the bill will be rolled out and spent over an eight-year period.

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