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Palmyra student welds battering ram for police department

PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – A Palmyra high school student is making a difference by giving back to a local police department.

Ryan Nick is a senior who spent the last month creating a 35-pound battering ram in his welding class.

He said the Palmyra Police Department was in need of one and he wanted to put his welding skills to the test.

Nick said he feels great knowing he created a project that will help out law enforcement.

“We decided to initially make it because the police force needed a battering ram and they came to us, and we had the materials for it,” Nick said. “I didn’t have a project yet so I made it.”

Nick welded the letters “PPD” onto the front of the battering ram to leave a mark for the Police Department.

He said the project took him a month to complete.

“A two-and-a-quarter-inch tube, and one-and-a-quarter-inch plate,” Nick said. “We just kind of welded it together and grabbed random scraps around from the shop.”

The police department received the battering ram on Monday.

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