Repairman’s tools stolen while on job

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Thousands of dollars worth of tools from a work vehicle was stolen last week.

The tools belonged to Sign Me Up LLC employee Scottie Turner; he relies on them every single day to do his job.

Turner says he’s upset that at least $3,000 of tools were stolen from his work truck after towing it to a local repair shop last week.

“I was working this past Friday, broke down, down on Broadway, waited for the tow truck to come and pick the work truck up, and they took it to specialized truck repair,” said Turner.

Turner showed News 4 the locks thieves broke to get inside.

“Pretty much it’s all my electrical tools, hammer drills, neon tester. We do neon signs and stuff like that, so all electrical equipment, hammer drills, impact drills, stuff like that,” said Turner.

When he came back Monday morning to get his tools out of the truck, he noticed thieves had gotten away with these tools.

“Stole over three-thousand dollars of my personal work tools that I need every day,” said Turner.

For Turner’s on-site job Friday, he had to hire an outside contractor to help do the job he’s been out of work all week.

News 4 spoke with the repair shop owner where the car was towed over the phone.

We were told that the truck was dropped off after hours outside the gate, and something like this has never happened before.

The owner of Specialized Repair Shop also said, “Sign me up” told them – they believe someone who used to work for “Sign me up” may have been behind it all.

Turner explains what was captured on surveillance video and doesn’t understand why the repair shop thinks this would be an inside job.

“Basically, it shows a white truck pulling up, and suddenly people disappear. It’s like they almost knew the cameras were there, and they cut the lock and took all my tools out of it.

Turner did file a police report with Metro PD. The investigation remains open.

“I just want to get my tools replaced so I can get back to work to support my family and stuff,” said Turner.

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