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Richmond man uses his Amazon delivery service business to uplift community

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Ron Beauford is going above and beyond, leaving his mark on the community to empower employees toward first-time homeownership and financial wellness.

Beauford is a self-made businessman and U.S Army veteran who owns Team Beauford Logistics, an Amazon partner delivery service business.

“Ron is a servant leader. He’s going to be there shoulder to shoulder with his team to make sure everything is out on time and successful,” said Johnny Lee, delivery operations manager for Amazon.

“Working for Ron is great. Ron is one of the best bosses I’ve ever worked for,” said delivery associate employee Patrick Black.

For nearly four years, Ron has been using his business, Team Beauford Logistics, to not only hire but uplift those around him.

”Ron loves to give back. A lot of the extra bonus money he gives back to his drivers,” said Black.

Ron hosts workshop events to teach his employees about first-time homeownership, financial planning, and management.

“Just this month, I had sent out to my team multiple times about Habitat for Humanity because the application process had opened up March 1,” said business owner Ron Beauford.

Ron believes everyone should own a piece of real estate, a mindset he gets from his dad.

“My dad, till this day, he’s 86, and he still on the land in Alabama that his parent gave to him till this day,” Beauford said.

Ron says his dad also taught him about leadership and how to treat others.

“My dad owned a Coca-Cola, and he instilled my brother and I the importance of taking care of a customer on his route,” said Beauford.

It’s leadership qualities like that that keep Ron’s employees motivated.

”I actually live an hour away, and there’s a station that much closer. and it would be much more convenient for me to work there in Stafford. but I specially still work here because of Ron,” said Black.

”That means a lot; that means I’m touching someone,” said Beauford.

Touching the lives of his employees is what drives Ron, and he says if the people around him are successful, he’s happy.

“I want to create careers, but my goal is for you to be in another position doing something else 3-5 years from now, and I’m going to give you the tools and the skills to move to the next level,” said Beauford.

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