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Rockefeller Center gets its Christmas tree

And on Saturday morning, the 75-foot tall, 11-ton Norway spruce arrived to take its place in the iconic Manhattan scene, according to CNN affiliate WCBS.
The tree was brought in from Oneonta, New York and arrived with police escort, according to a tweet from the New York Police Department.

“A lot of people need a lot of hope this year ’cause of the Covid-19, and we were more than honored to donate it. And hopefully we bring some joy into some people’s lives this season,” owner of the property if came from, Paula Dick, told the station. “I didn’t realize that a tree that was in my yard just not too long ago would bring joy to so many people.”

The future Rockefeller Christmas tree was cut down, and it's on its way to Manhattan

Health experts have cautioned the public to maintain Covid-19 precautions over the holiday season to keep cases from skyrocketing, as they predict they will. But the pomp and circumstance of the outdoor attraction has remained largely unchanged from previous years.

Now that the tree has arrived in Manhattan, staff will spend weeks ornamenting and tinseling the star of the show and on December 2, it will make its debut.

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