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‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks spring break in the time of Covid-19

“Saturday Night Live” poked fun at the social-distancing concerns sparked when tens of thousands of spring break revelers descended on Miami Beach this month, inspiring city leaders to declare a state of emergency.

‘SNL’ imagined an MTV singles game show near the sand, with three men trying to guess the status, including vaccination, of young women who have also come to play.

The night’s host, Maya Rudolph, performing as game show host Cece Vuvuzela, explained why there was such a party atmosphere amid a pandemic.

“We are so close to the end, let’s ruin it,” she said.

Contestant Madison (Chloe Fineman) introduced herself: “I go to the university of high school.”

One of the men guessed not that she was vaccinated but that she has a hot body.

“I’m on Florida Adderall, so yeah,” Madison said.

Contestant Lego (Heidi Gardner) said by way of introduction: “I actually can’t wear a mask because it irritates my cold sores.”

Vuvuzela ultimately suggested that contestants check out a Miami night club.

“Just make sure you go in before 10 because that’s when the cops start firing pepper balls into your face,” she warned.

Rudolph, who has been portraying Vice President Kamala Harris this season, reprised the role in a skit about celebrating Passover seder. Harris introduced her husband, Doug Emhoff (Martin Short), as “my Semitic smoke show.”

“Listen to me. girl,” Emhoff said. “I support you.”

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short as Vice President Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff on “Saturday Night Live” on March 27, 2021.NBC

Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) made an appearance, prompting Harris to express puzzlement over his hair and beard.

“I see serial killer on the side and bait and tackle shop owner on the front,” she said.

President Joe Biden (Alex Moffat), pronounced by Harris as Ja-Biden, appeared, telling Harris, “I’ve put you in charge of solving a little immigration problem down at the Mexican border.”

She described it as “such a fun, solvable problem” and said, “Thank you for the opportunity.”

News segment Weekend Update considered the nation’s perennial debate over gun control. Co-host Colin Jost said federal background checks for gun buyers aren’t enough.

“Shouldn’t we also do current checks,” he said. “Like what are these guys up to now?”

He suggested that gun buyers should be required to have five friends testify they believe they should have firearms. And Jost said Republican opponents of gun control “value guns more than people.”

Fellow host Michael Che praised a reporter for asking Biden, 78, during his first White House press conference whether or not he plans to run for reelection. He said the question was “probably the nicest way to ask if he plans to be alive in three years.”

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