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Some North Carolina drivers head south for lower gas prices – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE — For more than a month, we’ve all felt the pain at the pump.

In March, the average price for a regular gallon of gas broke a record at more than $4.20. Since then, most drivers have seen little relief, but that may be different for South Carolinians.

It’s not unusual to see plenty of North Carolina tags at South Carolina pumps.

“Definitely a better price. That’s the reason why I come to this side,” driver Lasey Britton-Lopez said.

Drivers on the South Carolina side of the Buster Boyd Bridge are saving money, with several stations charging only $3.49 for regular gas. That price is considered low in comparison to North Carolina’s average of $3.82 and South Carolina’s average of $3.75.

“I’m too close to South Carolina not to take advantage,” driver Luis Dillavcencio said.

Dillavcencio said he spends a lot of time in his car, so the 15-minute trip to gas stations in South Carolina is worth it.

“This car is pretty thirsty. So I mean for me, I probably save about $60 a week.” Dillavcencio said.

Of course, there is nothing stopping these stations from raising their prices a day later.

Last week, Channel 9 saw the price of regular gas increase by more than 10 cents.

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