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‘Still in disbelief.’ Mother of 6 dies unexpectedly from COVID-19

HOUSTON – One family is mourning the loss of a loved one that unexpectedly died from COVID-19.

Now, they are determined to share her legacy and warn others of the seriousness of the pandemic.

44-year-old Lynn Nichols grew up in Houston her whole life and had touched many lives. She was known for her selfless heart and was the matriarch of an entire community, where she resided in northwest Houston.

She was the core of the family: a mother of six children, grandmother of five, and the best friend and fiancee of Donald Parks.

“We encountered everything together. We battled obstacles together,” Parks said. “She was too kind and loved all. She was the centerpiece of communication with everyone in the family.”

Nichols was also a loving sister and friend.

“Everybody looked up to her and valued her opinion. And to her kids she was everything,” said her brother Chris Nichols.

“She was everything to everyone. She was never selfish,” said her best friend Britannica Roberts.


Lynn Nichols’ death shocked the family. The sickness all started as a light cough.

Her nephew, Jordan James, who was like a son, said he was shocked at how serious it became and how quickly the symptoms worsened.

“I’m still in disbelief. It doesn’t seem like it was supposed to happen,” James said.

On July 24, Lynn Nichols was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Katy, where she went in and out of the ICU for weeks fighting COVID-19.

“They were doing various treatments on her, where she started to get better,” Chris Nichols said.

However, COVID-19 and the complications were unpredictable, her family said. She was better than worse. Her condition became less predictable. The family was devastated. They could not visit in person for the first few weeks.

“Somewhere along the lines it took a turn for the worst,” Chris Nichols said.

Lynn Nichols was eventually intubated while also fighting pneumonia. In mid-August, after extensive efforts from the hospital staff, the family said Lynn Nichols lost her battle to COVID-19.


“Even in her final stages, her heart continued to beat,” James said. “Her legacy will be her selfless heart.”

Her nephew said his aunt’s legacy will be her inspiring strength and relentless love for people.

“Family first,” Parks said.

The family said they hope others will continue to be careful. They hope their loved one’s story will help save lives.

“It makes it real, it makes it scary. It makes it serious,” James said. “I hope people take the pandemic a little more seriously.”

The family is determined to give their loved one the burial she deserves. The family set up this GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses.

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