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The Pennsylvania G.O.P. makes another filing to the Supreme Court on the handling of mailed ballots.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party asked the Supreme Court on Friday to order state election officials to separate mailed ballots that arrived after Election Day from other mailed ballots.

The party’s emergency application acknowledged that Pennsylvania’s secretary of state had already ordered county election officials to do so, but it said it could not be sure that the officials had all complied.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that ballots sent before Election Day can be counted if they arrive up to three days after Nov. 3. On two occasions, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to intervene in the case, though several justices expressed doubts about the state court’s power to override the State Legislature, which had set an Election Day deadline for receiving mailed ballots.

The party’s emergency application seemed to be taking a belt-and-suspenders approach.

“If county election boards count and do not segregate late-arriving ballots,” the new filing said, “it could become impossible for this court to repair election results tainted by illegally and untimely cast or mailed ballots.”

If Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic candidate, maintains his lead in Pennsylvania without the late-arriving ballots then the question would become academic.

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