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The Trump campaign picks David Bossie to lead the charge on its postelection battles.

President Trump’s campaign is installing a Trump adviser, David Bossie, to lead the charge on lawsuits and other efforts related to contesting the outcomes of the election in several states, a campaign official said on Friday.

Mr. Bossie was tapped by the Trump campaign manager, Bill Stepien, and the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to take on the role, as the president’s advisers have vowed to continue legal fights over the tabulation of votes in a string of states, officials said.

The White House had said it was looking for a “James Baker-like” figure to lead its postelection attempt to somehow find a way to win a second term. Mr. Baker is the former secretary of state who led the Republican charge during the 2000 Florida recount that secured the presidency for George W. Bush. They settled on Mr. Bossie, who is not a lawyer, but is one of Mr. Trump’s favorite defenders on television.

Mr. Bossie, the deputy campaign manager in 2016 and the head of the conservative group Citizens United, is a veteran of 30 years of partisan warfare in Washington. His combative approach has always appealed to Mr. Trump.

In the days since Election Day, the Trump campaign has engaged in scattered efforts aimed at raising concerns and objections to voting issues in several states. Trump family members and a handful of loyalists, as well as the president himself, have held news conferences claiming irregularities, without presenting evidence. But there has been no single person in charge.

Putting Mr. Bossie there is an attempt to rectify that.

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