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Truck crashes into home, narrowly misses teenager sleeping inside | News

NEWNAN, Ga. (CBS46) — A terrifying moment in Coweta County as a truck slams into a home and comes to a stop just feet from a teenager who was sleeping in the home.

“I was in shock, it’s crazy that it didn’t even hit me, I didn’t even know what to think,” said Dalton McKinzie, a junior in high school. “Came and looked and saw, first thing I saw, was just the wall all caved in and then came outside and saw the truck in there. I didn’t know what to think.”

Just after midnight Monday, a truck smashed into the house near the intersection of Witcher and Macedonia roads in Newnan.

“It sounded like when thunder hits your house,” said Heather Gibson, who was sleeping in the back of the house.

The truck came to rest in the garage, narrowly missing the bedroom where a teenager was sleeping. Cracks in the garage’s foundation where it joins the house the family said show how much force the truck hit the house with. Other family members were home at the time of the crash and said the driver of the truck did check on them after the incident.

“He was concerned for everybody in the house, making sure he didn’t hit a bedroom. I mean he seemed fine,” Gibson said.

The driver told the family he blew through a stop sign at that intersection after swerving to avoid a deer. No one was injured.

Unfortunately, it’s also not the first time the family has had to deal with a car in their front yard.

“Someone else came through that exact spot and completely blew the stop sign and straight into the yard,” McKinzie said.

The family said they’ve asked authorities previously to help make the intersection safer. They put up reflectors themselves at the front of their house to help drivers see, but said they were run over shortly after. They added that a street light does shine onto the stop sign on Witcher Road so feel drivers should be stopping there at night.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said the driver has been charged with failing to maintain his lane. The family said the driver told them he does have insurance that will cover the damage. 

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