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Trump’s lead shrinks in Pennsylvania, with new results expected soon.

PHILADELPHIA — As an anxious nation’s attention shifted among the handful of states that remained too close to call, election officials in Pennsylvania said they would release more vote totals early Friday, offering more clarity on who might capture the state’s 20 electoral votes.

Since election night, when President Trump had an early lead, Joseph R. Biden Jr. has steadily made up ground.

If the former vice president manages to win the state, he will capture the White House outright.

On Friday morning, he was trailing Mr. Trump by 18,229 votes, or 0.3 percentage points, with 95 percent of votes counted. There were roughly 163,000 mail ballots still to be counted, according to the official total on the state website.

Philadelphia City Commissioner Al Schmidt told CNN that vote counters had been tallying votes for the past several hours and that the city would have a vote count update on Friday morning. Most of the outstanding ballots were from denser population centers, including Philadelphia and its suburban counties, and Allegheny County, which is home to Pittsburgh.

“The counting in Philadelphia has continued uninterrupted from the beginning,” Mr. Schmidt said. “We had a brief pause yesterday for about two hours as a result of some litigation, but it’s just critically important that we continue counting every eligible vote cast by voters in Philadelphia.”

The Trump campaign has filed multiple lawsuits in Pennsylvania, including one seeking to allow election observers closer access to election workers in Philadelphia, which a judge granted on Thursday morning. The Trump campaign also filed a motion to intervene in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, challenging a rule in the state that allows ballots that are postmarked by Election Day but arrive up to three days later to still be counted.

Kathy Boockvar, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, said late Thursday that election officials were not seeing a large influx of late-arriving ballots and did not expect them to affect the final tally.

“Unless it is super close,” she said, “I don’t see them making this or breaking this one way or another. But in the meantime, we are going to be counting every ballot.”

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