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Velshi: We Can’t Ignore Latino History Simply Because It Makes America Look Bad

We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us,” is a common expression among LatinX Americans. And they are not wrong. The people we know as Hispanic or, more commonly now, Latino, Latina or LatinX, have been in America longer than there has been an America. There were Spanish-speaking people in Texas while it was a Spanish colony, then a Mexican province and when Texas was an independent country, prior to the Civil War. But in 1845, Texas joined the United States, and Mexicans – who had been citizens of the Texas Republic – became outsiders in their own land. White settlers from the rest of the United States, along with many immigrants from Europe, moved in and essentially started to take over. It could be the textbook definition of colonization except it probably wasn’t in the textbook you were reading in grade school. Having an accurate grasp on this country’s history is essential to our identity – especially for the black and brown people whose history is being ignored, simply because it makes America look bad. 

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