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Victim’s husband speaks out after wife tragically killed in church | Mobile County Alabama News

Prichard Police have arrested the woman accused of firing the shot that killed Grace Carter Tuesday night.

“Will y’all please forgive me?” Prichard Police arrest woman accused of firing shot that killed worshipper inside church

On Thursday, police arrested Kaillyn Christine Howard Harris.

Carter was hit by a stray bullet and died while attending bible study this week.

Now, her husband Cecil Carter Sr. is speaking out after this tragic death.

Carter says this is a church his wife went to quite often. 

He feels it was a place where his wife should’ve been safe.

“I just don’t think that people should be shooting in places where you don’t know where a stray bullet could do,” Carter said. 

Cecil Carter is pastor-elect at Sunlight Missionary Baptist Church, something he now won’t get to share with his wife of 35 years.

“She was really looking forward to it. She was very proud, and very happy, and very proud of me,” Carter said. “But right now the emptiness of her not being here for the installation is going to be hard for me.”

Carter says the thought of having to go on without her is something he never imagined, but he’s trying to find the strength. 

“Sweetheart I love you as always…right now my heart is empty because she’s not by my side but I know that she’s there spiritually,” Carter said. “Right now I’m getting strength from knowing that God is able and knowing that my wife is in a better place with the lord, and no doubt about it that she loved the lord. So I have to be strong for her, and myself, and for my family, my children and all.”

Carter says the family plans on holding funeral services for Grace next Saturday.

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