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Walls Closing In: Trump’s 'Mob' Tactics And 'Rats' Talk Boomerang In Damning Jan. 6 Hearings

As Trump aides, lawyers and even family members testify against him in the House Jan. 6 hearings, the former President’s penchant for “mob” tactics is back under scrutiny. Trump’s lawyers warned him about his illegal plans to overthrow the election, and evidence shows Trump and aides hiding and destroying evidence. From “The Godfather” to “The Wire,” art and shows about gangs have a hold on public imagination, and this segment reports on parallels to Trump and the 20 year anniversary of HBO’s “The Wire,” which confronted and humanized issues ranging from criminal justice to the drug trade to capitalism. Cast-members Lance Reddick and Lawrence Gilliard Junior join Ari Melber for a special Fallback Friday on The Beat.
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