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Westport teacher believed to have been intoxicated while teaching | Connecticut News

WESTPORT, CT (WFSB) – An elementary school teacher is out on bond after police say she had come to work while under the influence of alcohol.

Officers had initially made the discovery around 1:30 p.m. two days before Thanksgiving at the Greens Farms Elementary School.

Police say Michelle Babin, a speech and language pathologist, had fallen asleep while teaching a student and it had taken about thirty seconds for school staff members to wake her up.

When she awoke, witnesses told police that Babin was mumbling incoherently and allegedly had the smell of alcohol on her breath.

Babin was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Investigators determined that because Babin was asleep and also possibly under the influence of alcohol, the child that was present at the time was at risk of being injured.

A warrant was subsequently issued for Babin’s arrest and she later turned herself in to police on December 30.

Police charged her with risk of injury to a minor.

She was able to post her $75,000 bond and was arraigned in Stamford Superior Court on Wednesday.

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