Lunar New Year holiday trips surge in China after lifting of Covid restrictions

CNN  —  China saw 226 million domestic trips during the Lunar New Year holiday, state media reported, a 74% surge from last year after the government lifted all travel curbs under its now-abandoned zero-Covid policy. For the first time in three years, Chinese people were free to travel without the hassle of quarantine or fear […]

Jerusalem attacks: Settlements to be ‘strengthened’ in wake of shootings, Israeli PM says

CNN  —  Israel will “take steps to strengthen settlement” in response to shooting attacks in Jerusalem Friday and Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said. A six-point list to “fight terrorism and exact a price from terrorists and those who support them” was posted to Netanyahu’s Facebook page overnight Saturday after a meeting of Israel’s […]

Massive fire breaks out at oil refinery in Iran

CNN  —  A massive fire broke out at an oil refinery in northwestern Iran on Saturday, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported. The refinery is near the city of Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province. “The firefighting is still going on and the size and intensity of the fire made it difficult to extinguish,” Fars reported. […]

Demonstrations, calls for police reforms flood Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, fueled by newly released body camera footage showing the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols by police officers, demanded justice, accountability and police reform Saturday afternoon. Many in the crowd voiced their frustrations regarding a long history of police violence against citizens, corruption and the need to disband several tactical […]

Iran earthquake kills 2, injures hundreds

CNN  —  At least two people were killed, and more than 300 injured when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck Iran on Saturday night local time. Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported the earthquake hit the city of Khoy, West Azerbaijan province, in northwest Iran, around 9:44 p.m. local time, citing the Iranian Seismological Center in […]

Drones attack military plant in Iran: Tehran

CNN  —  Drones attacked a military plant in Iran’s central city of Isfahan, Tehran said on Sunday. “An explosion has occurred in one of the military centers affiliated to the Ministry of Defense,” the deputy head of security for Isfahan Governorate Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari told the semi-official Fars News Agency. Jan-Nesari said the explosion left […]

Is it Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? Depends who you ask

Hong Kong CNN  —  Last week, K-pop singer Danielle Marsh asked her online fans what they were doing for Chinese New Year. A profuse apology followed two days later, in which she promised to “try to be more careful” and acknowledged the “hurt” she had caused. Her crime? The “Chinese” that preceded “New Year.” A […]

‘We are at the brink of World War III’

Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, U.S. foreign policy and undocumented immigrants Saturday as he kicked off his bid for a return to the White House with campaign stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Trump, who is attempting to become the first president elected to non-consecutive terms since Grover Cleveland, […]

Opinion: Why police reform utterly failed to protect Tyre Nichols

Editor’s Note: Sonia Pruitt is a retired Montgomery County, Maryland, police captain. She is the founder of The Black Police Experience, which promotes the education of the intersection of law enforcement and the Black community. She is also a professor of criminal justice at Howard University in Washington, DC, and at Montgomery College in Maryland. […]

Yasmin Vossoughian opens up about health scare

NBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian opens up about why she hasn’t been on air in a few weeks, telling viewers that a common cold lead into the development of Myocarditis, causing inflammation around her heart. She brings in Dr. Greg Katz, cardiologist at NYU Langone Hospital, who breaks down the condition.  » Subscribe to MSNBC: Follow […]

'Violence will not bring our son back': Tyre Nichols' stepfather speaks out

Tyre Nichols’ parents are speaking out following the release of bodycam footage that shows the traffic stop beating that allegedly lead to Nichols’ death. His stepfather, Rodney Wells, says that “violence will not bring our son back,” and “people out there are doing it on their own.”  » Subscribe to MSNBC: Follow MSNBC Show […]

‘There is no OK here’: Ex-NYPD official reacts to Memphis footage

‘There is no OK here’: Ex-NYPD official reacts to Memphis footage CNN’s John Miller, the former Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counterterrorism for the NYPD, explains how Memphis was once the gold standard model for compassionate policing. Now, he says, after the brutal death of Tyre Nichols, it’s time for the department to “step up […]

Tyre Nichols arrest video and Memphis police news

Protesters across the US are preparing to march and rally Saturday, one day after the release of video showing the horrific police beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee. The graphic video of Nichols’ violent arrest drew outrage from across the country. Protests formed Friday night, with people in several cities taking to the streets and raising […]

Trump’s education policy rollout is a shot at Ron DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump has released a collection of proposals for education policy in one of the first major policy rollouts of his presidential campaign. True to form, it isn’t an argument about how to improve the education system. It is instead an inflammatory call for expanding reactionary culture wars in our schooling system. It’s […]

6 dead and 3 seriously injured after bus and box truck collide in Upstate New York

Six people are dead and three seriously injured in Louisville, New York after a crash on Saturday involving a 2021 Freightliner box truck and a 2013 express bus, according to New York State Police. Police responded to the fatal accident on State Highway 37 at around 6:02 a.m. The Lawrence County Medical Examiner’s Officer also […]

Timeline of Tyre Nichols’ deadly encounter with Memphis police

Four harrowing videos released by the City of Memphis Friday evening show the brutal and ultimately fatal assault on 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, who was pulled over during a Jan. 7 traffic stop and was dead three days later. Here are some critical moments from that deadly encounter. The video is available here. Warning: It shows […]

Reaction after Memphis police release footage showing brutal beating

Tyre Nichols’ death is another ‘painful reminder’ of America’s policing issues, Barack Obama says Former President Barack Obama said in a joint statement with Michelle Obama that Tyre Nichols’ death is another “painful reminder of how far America still has to go in fixing how we police our streets.” Barack Obama called Nichols’ fatal beating […]

How different media outlets are handling the Tyre Nichols arrest footage

New York CNN  —  News organizations across the country faced a dilemma Friday evening when Memphis police released video showing the brutal police beating of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man, following a traffic stop. The ethical question facing newsrooms: how should they balance the need for public transparency while also exercising caution in airing […]

Bad candidates or lack of money? GOP debates why it lost in 2022

DANA POINT, Calif. — The Republican Party is readying to release its review of why key candidates underwhelmed in last fall’s midterm elections by early spring. But while Republican National Committee members agree on the need to wrap up the inquiry before the presidential primary moves full-steam ahead, there remains disagreement over a key part […]

Paul Butler: “This is warrior policing on steroids”

As we follow the nationwide outrage over the videos of Memphis police officers beating Tyre Nichols that lead to his death, Paul Butler, Professor at Georgetown Law and author of “Chokehold” joins Ali to discuss the videos, the charges against the officers, and the state of policing in America. “He does what I would have […]

Adm. Stavridis: “Putin owns this problem”

Following much consternation, Germany now plans to send 14 sophisticated Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine while authorizing other European nations to send more, as the U.S. pledges 31 advanced Abrams M1 tanks. Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Adm. James Stavridis says those tanks will help, but combat aircrafts are the “next big need on the […]

Facing the extremes as an Arctic photographer

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN  —  The Arctic was once a surprisingly warm place — and a haven for unusual creatures. About 56 million years ago, Earth began experiencing a global warming event. Temperature differences between […]